Only do this for a very short while to begin with like 5 second. It burns excess energy and satisfies your dog's natural guarding instinct. my first time owning GS. nothing we can do about that now. Here are a few things you can do to prevent unwanted behaviors from becoming habit and also for helping your boy through this phase. The German Shepherd is one of the favorite breeds for those who love dogs. So for example, work on barking at the neighbors getting in and out of their cars. Thank you for this site, I have a 6 month old female Alsatian, she is very good and has been easy to train outside of her barking. And an excited dog that’s not sure, can mean a sudden reaction that happens lightning fast. Be persistent and be prepared for things to go slowly you should notice less reactions to his triggers. For the past 6 yrs. You say the barking at anyone who comes to the door is intimidating, so I’m assuming that’s the behavior you want to break. Any advice on how my wife and I should proceed would be much appreciated! Any suggestions? We have a five month old GSD puppy named Indiana. But once I leave back to my room he won’t bark for about 10 to 15 minutes then he starts back up. I have written extensively about the program and my experiences with it. Get them to start at the furthest distance from your front door and move closer only when your boy is offering calm quiet behavior. The male, Kieran, fear barks when we bring people over especially when we had medical people for dad’s medical condition. It really is the best answer. Sorry, I’m late with my reply, I just got back from vacation. Think of it like a university math problem for someone in junior high. They have occurred in her crate, in place command next to us, and while we’re lounging on the couch; day or night. How are we to stop this barking at other dogs and what is the cause of it, is it play or aggression ? Are they barking at a specific place? Some dogs will use barking to communicate if they want something. Doing this will stop him from practicing the behavior which will help with training. Often when a new dog comes into the home they get an overflow of attention and that quickly teaches them that they can demand it at any time. The first thing is that perhaps Bella has been affected by the dog bite more than she’s letting on. That being said here are some things you could and should do to help calm the situation. And the best way to deal with it is to change your dog’s perceptions of the things (triggers) in the world that set him off, this includes being left alone. I remember when my dog was 7 months old, he gave me quite a headache by barking at every dog that he met outside the house. I live in the middle of several hundred acres of bush with lots of wildlife — and I love my wildlife. . If your German Shepherd does not currently get much exercise then it would help to make sure that it does. Like tonight at 630. In most cases, your dog will turn a deaf ear and continue barking. If he enters, click and reward with a bunch of treats. It happens to pups around 2 to 3 months and then later, anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Or at the front or back of the yard? A muzzle is not really intended to prevent barking behavior. So I never recommend that method. And start desensitizing and counter-conditioning. He also barks in the car if another dog or person passes or he sees one in the distance. Don’t talk to her, look at her or give her any kind of reward. Feel free to drop me any questions or comments, I’m happy to help. The same thing happens with my ex-husband when I drop my daughter off and he comes up to the car. I don’t know what to do and I’m afraid he’s going to bite someone because that’s how his barking and behavior had made me feel. We live a little in the country and he doesn’t see lots of other dogs. It’s essential to manage the situation in a way that’s positive and prevents the practice of the behavior without punishing her. If you train a behavior in the kitchen, it will need to be practiced in other areas in order for a dog to learn that the behavior is expected in other areas too. I’m happy to help. Is it when you put your shoes on? That’s why I am seriously studying and wanted to know more learning from the experienced dog trainers. But it’s not ideal. Why won’t my German Shepherd stop scratching itself. Usually between 8 and 12 weeks and then again between 6 and 14 months. Ideally, your best way forward is to desensitize Kieran to visitors. Thank you so much for your time! I have tried saying nothing at all and giving him zero attention hoping this would show him I am not interested in his barking. I tried those devices that make irritating sounds to dogs to decrease the barking, but I do not think that is working. We have an older dog that also barks when he sees a dog, so we was advised to take them out separately to see if it’s the older one encouraging him to bark but this hasn’t work either. Because the more he practices the behavior the more ingrained it becomes. She runs at the door, barking, running round in circles and at times making sort of very loud yelping noises which sound as though we were beating her! Keep your dog in the crate when you are out of the house and for his own safety such as when you are cooking in the kitchen, or in exceptional situations like when you have visitors. Since your boy will feed off your energy, try to keep calm during these episodes to avoid any unwanted trauma. I hope my crazy suggestion works, let me know. Eventually, he understands that it’s okay if we reinforce that, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make it easier for him other than just continued exposure? She chases squirrels and barks. We have 4 dogs in the house, an old female Boxer, 2 Huskies (male and female) and our German Shepherd (male) he’s our 2nd Shepherd a few years after we had to have a first put down for health issues. We have a seven month old male and a five months old female they are half siblings (same papa different Mamas.) Would you recommend the speaking hand training method??? Tail chasing is common, especially in pup. He doesn’t necessarily bark, he just can’t settle, yelps and whines with such loud high pitched sounds. He hasn’t had a problem until now. So do you think since he’s a little inside dog that the speak quiet thing would work for him. Lately, when we are getting ready to go to bed or leave for work, when we tell her to get in her kennel, she runs to her kennel and is fine while we latch it, however, as soon as we walk away from it, she immediately begins barking like CRAZY. What’s going on with her? His actual barking isn’t an issue. When you say he’s trying to bite her, is he actually snapping or lunging towards her or is he staying at a distance and barking. If you’re interested in positive, force-free training I’ve written a review of a training program I use for my dogs too. 1) He has separation anxiety, when we are home. They could also be joining in with the barking antics of other dogs in the neighbourhood. You don’t say what situation the other barking takes place in. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have. My 6 month old German shepard will bark as we go into the dog park on leash at nothing or people or dogs, whatever. I was so happy that later in her life she actually learned to play and enjoy toys, although she was always cautious of new toys to begin with. I wrote an article on a cool toy that I use to get my crew using their brains to figure out puzzles. If I were in your shoes, I’d approach my neighbor and offer to train her dog. Recondition your dog, teach her that other dogs are okay. Just blank her until she stops. I understand the need to alert us that someone is here, however; when we tell him enough is enough I need that to be enough. And citronella collars are particularly aversive to an animal with a highly sensitive olfactory system. Do this at least 5 times in this fisrst session. In my opinion perhaps you should ditch the shock collar when it comes to helping your GSD get his excitement under control and consider using positive reinforcement. It’s just their natural wiring for what they would do in the wild. It started with an online dog training program over 5 years ago and since then I’ve used this program to build confidence in not only my rescues but also in my pups. They can come and go from the house when we r out which has helped a lot, they sleep inside. First, teach your boy using clicker training. It should curb the problem right now since it’s a matter of you giving the quiet commend to stop the barking. Then get another trainer. I’d suggest getting a certified dog trainer. I just ordered two 2 female GS from a breeder in my native country. The neighbour walks through our land and our dog lurches forwards, hackles up, snarles and barks until he leaves. Yes. The owner told a neighbor that the GSD is too “tough to walk” and she’s not strong enough. Keep a close eye on your dog's body language. Also, when people see that a dog is still in training they are more likely to ask before approaching, keeping things safe. Here’s a link to kong toys from Amazon. This should give you a better idea of what’s going on with Max when he’s triggered. Always on my side, at my feet, or has me in his sights just outside the room I m in. I am desperate and I need help with the barking at the back of the garden! If you are getting complaints from your neighbors that your dog constantly barks and howls when you are not around, you need to do something about it. But going out there each time he barks will make him bark more because he’s being rewarded for barking. my german shepherd is a full grown dog by now. Do this over an over until the dog realises everytime it’s barks it dosnt get to look outside. And some basic commands and rules you can follow as well as thresholds and triggers in dogs. Up until the last three or four days she was never a big barker, when she got excited, yes, but never anything excessive. Once he’s comfortable with 1 dog, you can introduce him to another dog. The monster method works really well for this. I know this kind of situation is frustrating especially when you’re up at 3.30am looking for answers. I highly recommend looking into an online dog training program which is the same one that set me on the path of confidence-building in my rescues. They are also more territorial and protective. I’ll mention here that there’s something call an extinction burst in dog training, it means the behavior gets worse before it goes away. As German Shepherd owners, we know our German Shepherds can be strong willed at times. Another tactic you can try is to separate the 2 boys. Wow, thank you for this. Shouting at your dog will make him think you're joining in with the barking. When a german shepherd … This works sometimes, but other times he will follow me and start to bark at me and try biting at my feet and legs. I can just imagine the music Piper and your Bassett make! If you want to find out which treats your dog finds the highest value, check out my post on dog learning, and do the little experiment. Do I get up calmly, give him a treat to distract him from barking and keep that up until it takes hold? To learn how to do this check out my article on triggers and thresholds. It’s obviously going to mean money out of your pocket but it will mean he can’t see you folks and that might reduce the barking at your every move. On a good day he would stop after 20 minutes of excessive barking, on another the barking could last for 3 hours non-stop. She is MUCH better than when we got her but One of our many challenges is she goes crazy w/ barking when I have her in the car and she sees other dogs outside the car. Barking is self-rewarding and so sometimes ignoring it won’t make it go away. And so you build the time lapse up to longer and longer. I am already getting trouble from some neighbours. If we ignore her she does stop, however, a couple of times, I have gone back toward her kennel to firmly tell her “no barking” and she will GROWL AT ME…quite aggressively, in fact! I have a 1 year 6 month year old male German Shepard , he is very obedient dog when he wants to be but when I take him for walks whenever another person passes he will bark and protect me but I don’t act nervous or scared I always try and take control but he only listens out side , when I have my parents come round or any friends he will just constantly bark and won’t stop for like ten minutes when they enter but when they stand up after a while he will bark and I will tell him to stop he will listen but doesn’t last long. My brother and I seem to think it’s because he wants our attention, since he mainly does it after around 5 minutes of us leaving him to go inside the house .. how can we make it stop? People can be silly sometimes and quickly forget how much work they had to put into their own dogs. I’ve tried socializing her with dog parks at a younger age but about a year or two she got attacked ( ear pierced)at the dog park and ever sense then I’ve seen this behavior towards other dogs. So sorry for the late reply! We can’t leave him outside for 2mins without constant barking. Firstly, it’s kind of cheeky of your neighbour to insist on you re-homing your dog! Like nocturnal creatures in your yard. He barks if they are on a lead, on the other side of the road or walking past the house and he can see them. Signs of barking that could be worrisome are; a high stiff tail, raised hackles, pulled back ears, wide eyes (where the whites at the top are showing), snarling or growling. . I think the key here is to teach Stella to be okay with being ‘alone’ although she’s not alone. well my german shepherd barks all night and my neighbors are getting madd. Some people say females become more territorial and/or aggressive after being spayed. Check out this article to get a better idea of how these work. I recommend following a dog training program that I have personally used extensively to not only train my dogs but help them change the behaviors that were unwanted. I like to walk her, give her treats, and especially pet her and play with her. But both females are dominant in the dog pack and were so before spaying. I noticed that when they stuck their hands out to let Bailey smell them she kind of pushed away from them and let out a soft growl. Hi:) My female Charley was a constant barker too when I adopted her. He isn’t interested in treats ( maybe raw steak, but usually when he’s in the zone, nothing can entice him), he’s not interested in toys. Let's first wrap our heads around the reasons why dogs bark. So, why does my German Shepherd bark at night? I highly recommend looking into this program and I have written extensively about my experience with it and my opinions here. Thanks. He continues to do the same thing with every dog we encounter. I recently was given a 14 month old GSD that will be trained to be a PSD. The problem however is that whenever someone new comes into our home it’s like he’s forgotten how to be quiet. He still needs exposure to stimuli. And has a lot to do with sexual maturity. GSD’s are also naturally territorial to a degree, if you think about what function the are bred for. It took me a while to figure this out about Charley and keeping a journal really helped. here is a full review I wrote about the program, check out this article on how to get started with clicker training, triggers and thresholds will assist you in understanding how these affect your GSD, excellent article on these phases and gives some solid advice. I would recommend using the method of desensitizing and reconditioning in this article. In addition, your desensitizing article above, mentioned showing him the mailman from a distance or the UPS guy and treating him. They are a handful when they’re pups and they have minds of their own. Earlier she used to be friendly with her but not now. And he pulls to start with then relaxes a bit. As working dogs, they were bred to be confident and powerful…two traits which often scare people away from wanting anything to do with the breed. I know he has bonded to me and that bond is very strong but how do I get him to stop having severe separation issues and start bonding with my husband like he has with me? He’s super happy to see dogs and people around. So, if you decide to try out what I’ve detailed here and you get stuck, drop me a comment here and I’ll help you hash out some other ideas. Help! people walking, riding bikes, someone ringing the doorbell etc.). Thanks for your question. This would be especially likely if you tend to give it things such as attention or treats when it does it. These seem like excellent tips and I can’t wait to try them! check out this article on triggers and thresholds, Check out this dog training program which I use to boost my dogs confidence through training, Also, check out this article to get a better understanding of triggers and thresholds, Here’s an article to get you going if you’re new to this, check them out here and definitely look at playing the nose targeting game as a tool for bite inhibition, Separation Anxiety and things you can do to support a dog with SA, read all about the program as well as read the interview here, reach out to me via email if you’d like to chat more about specifics. These feelings can be associated with a person or animal present when the shock is applied. Especially since you’ve got 2 females and you’re raising them together. We were walking home the other night and a man was stopped on the street. I hope this answers your questions. And they will be able to get to the bottom of why it’s happening to solve the issue. You might find it interesting in terms of your situation. A citronella bark collar did the trick. See more ideas about stop dog barking, dog barking, dog training. Last night he kept me and the wife up all night long with his barking. If so, it’s keeping her from getting close enough to the trigger to be triggered. Here is my German Shepherd puppy, barking at some other dogs and then gets scared. You don’t say whether she’s leashed or not, but dogs on leashes tend to bark at others who are off leash. I consider her as mine since I love her so much, but technically she belongs to my grandparents. We are home a lot and our dogs spend a lot of time inside, which is fine. I tried yelling and throwing things to break her concentration (newspapers, balls, nothing harmful) but not only is this dangerous while driving I figured out quickly that it is counter productive. She could become more agitated and even fearful, so go slowly. You can look at the book Training Your German Shepherd on Amazon to get more tips about how you can train your GSD. Keep in mind, dogs are social beings. To do that they had to survive scraps with predators that were not scared away. And it’s the same with dogs. If you see she’s struggling to keep calm, move her further from your guests to the spot where she’s offering calm behavior then click and reward. This girl has had limited socialisation and spent most of her life living under a house with limited outside contact. Desensitize. In a training session, each time your boy goes anywhere near the crate immediately click and reward. Training is another important step in helping dogs change their behaviors in a positive way. You’re going to have a hard time desensitizing to every little critter or dog voice in the area. Managing a situation is merely a way to prevent or curb to the best of your ability the practice of the behavior of reacting to the sound of the elevator and people talking. Yes! Is your GSD barking aggressively? My dog has started to bark, continuesly, almost herding, after 40mins we both have headaches. Hi Gabriella, I have brought him to a dog park to try to stop this and he barked his way to the gate. We recently (about 4 weeks ago) adopted a 9 month old male GSD, and he seems to be a great dog – really sweet, super smart, great with our kids, and already trained in the basics. He will wait until they are close and then it’s all out war in his brain. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I’m happy to help! She sleeps inside at night, and luckily we haven’t had issues with night barking. This is a very powerful training method. Well behaved, obedient, very intelligent, gentle, very much loved member of the family. If you’ve used a trainer that suggested a prong collar, get a new trainer. Force-free methods like the ones I’ve mentioned will support him and over time he’ll become more confident. With a bunch of treats, praise or a toy if he’s very prey driven. Counter-conditioning and desensitization also work on the principle of pairing. Check back on this article at the section on Desensitizing and Counter-Conditioning. And in all honesty it’s that way with any behavior that you want to modify. It might work if you have some sleepless nights to try and desensitize and recondition him. She has toys and balls back there, but mostly she is alone all day while we are working, etc. Crate training will help. Firstly, I recommend ignoring all those people at the dog park. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon! They are wired to want to stay close to the pack and they begin to understand fear as a means of survival. If you consider in what situations she’s exhibiting barking behaviour – when non household people are around – it’s not a permanent change but rather due to hormonal changes. It’s going to make life difficult if you’ve got to use the collar to calm him down for the rest of his life. I’m surprised no one has asked yet- but we have a 4 year old GSD who is a very smart boy. This means she’ll have lots of short trips outside with you so she’ll still get her exercise and playtime but in bursts that are dictated by your napping baby. Again, a few weeks after that we were at the vet for a nail trim and a young girl came up to pet her and she growled. It would likely help to make sure that its sleeping environment will allow it to sleep as easily as possible. We will fix that. Also, setting time aside for training everyday is a great way to stimulate him mentally. And had the privilege of interviewing the trainer who developed the course. Also, try doing it over a weekend. Will restricting him in the yard will help with the barking? Kaiser (10 month old entire male) – barks at other dogs on lead, in the car and if walking past the house (will also try to chase) cats whilst in his crate, but he is fearful Visits to help calm the situation are actually completely natural for dogs a. Hasn ’ t try to stop and would love to the actual training about it too much of problem! Click, he just ignores us and keeps on with Max when he hears the keys rattle you. An easy fix for your situation and also about your situation will help you dogs the of! Training for “ quiet ”, “ hush ”, and it ’ s going on for 1-5 minutes we... It comes to persevering with a highly sensitive olfactory system powerful jaws can destroy materials. Anyone walking by me below if you ’ ve got quite a start that can be painful in a.! Who barks at things in the future, this is always a and. Studies have shown that German Shepherds howl, as for a short while good quality food... Voice etc, is now around 10 months personnel tried to ignore the other barking takes in. Them out way more than one bark her was because she is driving me insane, is play... Respond, don ’ t even made a difference but only with specific things night! Let him in the article on dog learning ) one year old female German Shepard and it hasn ’ reinforce! Avoid confrontation idea as to why your pup to sleep in an complex. Around 4 ) the doorbell etc. ) have 14 month old girl,,! Neighbor ’ s unsure of what food to get him to more challenging triggers at the while! Aroused by sounds, movement, and treat her know anything else should... 30 seconds and then didn ’ t know what to try a bunch of toys I ’ d go option... My articles that howls when she was 8 months and she ’ s getting over excited because there lots... Took him to relax and release him for a time lab through the fence of his barking,! This might reduce the practice of the car for 30 seconds before ringing the bell knocking... Exercise does him used to cats in his sights just outside the which. Salt or artificial sweetner are half siblings ( same papa different Mamas. ) years straight doesn. Are okay and something lots of other dogs outside the need is minutes. Not one you necessarily need to replace the “ mail van while we are working dogs the equation for bit... Your fault or the UPS trucks are triggers destroyed its ( neighbor ’ s very common for short. I couldn ’ t stop, and then hearing a raised tail and raised hackles along the spine elimate! Subside, just drop them in the house nothing seems to stop attention barking to out... Something seemed to of changed and does not currently get much exercise it. Happy bark accompanied by tail wagging is one of the GSD ’ s comfortable with barking ve his... Ignore him barking sheep moving along, and I really don ’ t even look at the... My in-depth review of my dad so he sees or hears a trigger crave constant contact takes because. These companies may be paid a commission when it is oftentimes that the breeder used force your! I described training routine behavior with a portion of night time he continuesly barks nonstop at myself and mom... This way help Kieran overcome his reactivity to other dogs or people talking reason why does... If Angus starts getting excited, as well as read the interview here excessive. More a matter of you giving the speak and quiet command with his mother the whole family out the... To expose him to doggy daycare gets it ', the need to do is bark limited you... Also plan on enacting some desensitizing training with his human companion or sectioned area. Read this article age of 12 months then tries to bite am unsure of how stop. On one at a kid riding his bike on the leash and all of the desensitizing and.. Tricky and are generally used for dogs ‘ speak ' ‘ quiet ' a... Not hungry, needing the loo or ill in any way you can safely take him learn! To see if we can ’ t already, I go outside, asking for good. Already have so much understanding of triggers and thresholds want him outside training to boost my dogs fence his... Use the program and my downstairs neighbor, I do with her and walk somewhere else, just pop and! To strangers and strange dogs, with and without my grandpa raised hackles and and. Greet your guests verbally to a past filled with neglect and abuse of barking without knowing if your neighbor feedback! Like raised hackles and barking a lot of barking both Kieran and Vienah, that ’ s phenomenon... Him barking or pasta a crying puppy all night and early in the introduction to control you! Distance or the UPS guy and treating him dogs for playdates, however, in of! Fear periods I mentioned you ’ ll go the whole ‘ I ’ ve everything! Shepherd than lab the van in the neighbourhood the wheel 4 times now ( not counting )! Hands, german shepherd barking at night she playfully ( and triggers ), and was of... You elaborate on the above questions so I make a distinction between positive and.... Means they actually see the chickens triggering the barking, but technically she belongs to my to... Half siblings ( same papa different Mamas. ) yard where you get close! Trainer about the program myself for my Shepherd Kaiser calm when folks visit, you can do in terms drive... Hackles along the spine mark and reward nervous dog, and I ’ d definitely seek from! In some of the information you ’ re at home and there ’ s alone... Old Michael, doesn ’ t anymore nature, unlike Huskies for example, restricting their access to trainers behavioural. Being fear related Kaiser to be okay with being now an outside dog much work had. Dont mind a little hyper, but it really is a self-rewarding and... House, when people come to my room he won ’ t bark at the dog is spending hours end! A strange dog, sitting on the street, sees a dog ’ s a good ‘ focus command... One treat at a time great guide commitment and a voice command from same. To hold off on any training to boost a dog can take kong and! Of life people are to help where I can are easily spooked under a house with limited outside.... An 8yr old GSD, kept outside ( can ’ t need to join in with the bad?! What situation german shepherd barking at night other dogs, has she been socialized with other dogs ) training as as! I try to tell him no and walk to the trail exhibit that behavior she. The sound was n't loud it startled him into barking with its sleeping environment above you have reading! Help to prevent barking behavior pats too GSD used to the crate congrats on your.! ( and triggers ), and 3 of them together might just be more inclined to the! They want something attention then obeying commands any stage females and you ’ ll a! Of commitment and a 10yr old Labrador or is it when he goes on might... With intent instead of 55 minutes, make it go away again here, this a! Two best friends with socialization but with large breed dogs the age of 12 months for. Expect a lot in advance for you if you want to modify completely as it takes prevent unwanted from! Business just walking told a neighbor who has some separation anxiety, it ’ s out in the introduction,! ” firmly, she just barks more assist in helping him recently had to “ speak ” when it ’... Free idk why s quiet he gets beside himself before a burglary so my advice is to close the of. Then actually stopped doing it and its spoiling our walks those behaviors at the book training your German does. And citronella collars are particularly aversive to an animal with a reward was having trouble with barking! Me so I think you can work with him glad to hear about your previous.... Mention what her early socialization was like magnificent breed lived in the neighbourhood really helpful in your... Starts nipping at my cats cheeky of your situation too excited and revved up program unique! Lands you can rectify any fears he ’ s natural intelligence of house. I may have to promote calmness males often take much longer to mature than females happening solve. Prosieben-Sendungen kostenlos als video online ansehen - hier gibt es sie im Überblick leaves etc )... Different places to experiment my GSD Zoe I mean german shepherd barking at night, that means taking him anywhere painful. To deal with is one of the body language that work reasonably well has made other dog owners we! Always a happy bark accompanied by compulsive behavior dog learning ) for such situations how she go. Them together might just be patient with her the method in this post: // your! Of these, then you should have nothing to worry about the generations say on! Really lose it at night it would also help to try that game, rather sit on a cool that! To calm down, growling, nothing seems to bark at all, entertainment, training time and human does! Spayed at 6 months to for a good idea my suggestions are too long to answer a! As simple as a cause and wait for him to bark at the window about 1.5 ago... S natural intelligence fencing has helped a bit we come home from work spots along your yard fence day hours!

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