would fit better, imo. Seems to tie them to Landfall if you ask me. I would have also changed Dagoth Ur's voice, and I know I'll get flames for that one. CHIM came first, in the earliest studies of the Wheel and the structure of the Aurbis. Do you have any inspirations for your writings that are especially prominent or significant? Also Uncle Ken. /r/teslore is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion and creation of the vast lore of The Elder Scrolls. Hell, the current feature on C0DA.es seems to indicate that the Thalmor win or are VERY strong in the future. I absolutely refuse chim, it's an abomination! Anu (the Everything) created Anuiel so that he might know himself through self-reflection. Tureynulal, Kagrenac's Library. Was this in a movie? There really isn't a routine. He did write a ton of the lore. Note how it lists names normally believed to be synonymous (such as Hjalti, Talos, Septim) as separate entities. Sup n’wahs, First, let me pimp some TES-related projects I’m working on, because this is my very special hour and I am filthy with power. I mean practically every in game book was written by someone with an agenda, and plenty are completely contradictory. And we know that Sermon 22 speaks to that reason. "The Heart of the World" is the Altmeri creation myth presented in The Monomyth. They are the Other and they hate everything that even smells like mortality. Whats an Impossipoint? Well, the same has been said about the Dreugh and the Hist. At night, I lie awake, my male member hard as skyforged steel, pointing high in the sky towards the impenetrable depths of Aetherius. Posted by Michael Kirkbride for Morrowind's 10th anniversary on May 1st, 2012. There's tons more. As a new comer, can someone please fill me in on what C0DA is? What's a typical routine for penning a big work like the Lessons? When and what ideas formed to become these concepts that are so frequently pondered today? This recent revelation about Anu As Amaranth seems to move a little towards a more monotheistic - I wanna use the word "Gnostic" - structure. If you can hit all of those marks, your worlds will seem real. Whats the distinction, if any, between possipoint and impossipoint? It needs a revisit. The Amaranth is a state that lies beyond all existence and the means to create a brand new universe; it was designed to present the natural "end-point" of the Elder Scrolls mythology. My personal belief (that is crude and unrefined) is that Vivec replaces Mephala as the head of the Morag Tong. Did it help you at all? For example, pre-Oblivion, it was thought that Lorkhan gave St. Alessia the power of the Dragon Blood. The Arcturian Heresy was the worst thing I've ever written. That said, is Pelinal actually a robot/cyborg? I am master evermore. All of his writing is interesting, though, and you'd be missing out. TESO has lots of Argonian love that I don't want to step on. :(. 2. Most Rated Video Games Since 1990; Favorite Video Game Rated at Least 9 Stars on IMDb; IMDb Poll Board: Top 10 Video Games; Greatest Movie Villains Showdown: Darth Vader vs. Michael Kirkbride is a former writer and designer for Bethesda Softworks. 1. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It doesn't match at all. Either existing universes or your own personal made-up ones. I am proud to be a gnostic heretic, and it colors my work. But in Oblivion, this was switched to Akatosh, bringing in the Akatosh/Lorkhan dichotomy which MK had to explain. I fantasize about cuddling with him, I’m the little spoon and he’s the big spoon. Yes, Sotha Sil is dead. The Aka-Tusk is a particularly old and needed version of the Time Dragon from the days of the Ehlnofey. 7.2. January 2018. One exception to this is the "Many Headed Talos", which was referenced by Bethesda in Skyrim. Author: Various . In response to Redguard's poor sales, it was planned to be released on the PlayStation 2 and other consoles, rather than PC. The big challenge with Skyrim (and, indeed, the entire Elder Scrolls universe) is the sheer scope of it all. I personally take the view that whatever he writes is the most likely option when discussing events that have multiple possibilities or unknown possibilities and just theories or guesses on what happened. What was the cause of their war? Michael Kirkbride - Reddit AMA. And hopefully a good discussion on why as well. How much of Michael Kirkbride's work have you seen? The fact that he goes around changing canon for shits and giggles not only pisses me off, it also makes me take him seriously when he says that TES is "open source". The Thalmor is easily the most dangerous organization in the Aurbis. There's tons more. Canon unless contradicted by one of the games. Jobasha's Rare Books(x5). The novel focuses on the end of the world, and rather than this resulting in the next Aurbic kalpa, the kalpic cycle also comes to an end.The setting for the novel is a science-fantasy evolution of the moon Masser, to which inhabitants of Nirn fled after an apocalyptic event called the Landfall. Thoughts? Ask Me Anything. Think Hellraiser and you're close. Anuiel, the soul of all things, t… Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Lyg: it's one of the Adjacent Places. Is there any piece of lore you regret writing, a piece or fact you wish you could change or revoke its canonity? Even the voice of the actor of John Locke (Terry O'Quinn?) When Kirkbride Likes Your Meme by slickrick0133 in TheWalkingDeadGame. In a way, these games happen in a different universe. Fractal mindscapes escaping into Ayrenn subverting her original mythic-patterns. This is getting a little too meta for my taste. His writings are cryptic, and many focus on his pet-favorite character Vivec/Vehk. Granted that plugin is pretty much just meant for amusement, so using it as the basis for any kind of objection is misguided. Then we have the quote you quoted where Vivec takes to bed the Night Mothers of the Morag Tong, cementing himself as the new Exarch of Sex and Death, replacing Mephala. Your ResetEra Games of the Decade Awards (2010-2019) results are now live! :), Answered Questions concerning The Elder Scrolls Lore. He wrote them while taking mushrooms and LSD, locking himself in his room for a week only to be discovered by Todd Howard who took this image. While I finally ended up enjoying the game several years after its release, neither the tech or the development of Cyrod was capable of pulling off what the Empire really deserved. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Faker. October 15th. Librarian Comment: This Ask Me Anything ran on Reddit's TESLore board on Sunday, November 3rd. He is responsible for the lore you see in TES3:Morrowind, and is quite the figure (he's crazy). Juicy. I was very proud of my short stint on Star Wars. Archived. Hands down, the best mythology in games. Cookies help us deliver our Services. My own clarifying comments are in brackets. Approach to Michael Kirkbride's lore. Posted by 2 years ago. Beth's already turned on MK's lore a few times before. That was the Dawn. Login or register to post comments; Fri, 10/09/2015 - 00:19 #6. ladyonthemoon. I lucked into games. And I agree on his look. I wasn't expecting his appearance to be like that either. He basically tells him to become the Drowned Lamp or become forgotten. The Arcturian Heresy was the worst thing I've ever written. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheWalkingDeadGame/comments/b611zi/how_i_protekted_clem_by_alvin_junior/ Here's a copy-paste of how he imagined it. I studied creative writing, painting, and comparative religion in college, but better lucky than good. FUCK YEAH I WROTE LINES FOR DARTH VADER. If you could change anything in the series, what would it be and why? What is your personal opinion on the idea of canon? But isn't the can't-be-understood thing the Dwemer's shtick, or are they a whole 'nother kind of inscrutability? The best advice I can give about the lore and the creation thereof is something I learned from Uncle Ken: Tell God's story, then tell the farmer's story, then listen to what the dog has to say. Answered Questions concerning Michael Kirkbride. The u/MKirkbride community on Reddit. What other universes do you like to play in? He often posts obscure lore as 'Merry Eyesore the Elk' here: http://forums.bethsoft.com/forum/16-elder-scrolls-lore/. Michael Kirkbride - IRC Q&A Sessions. “C0DA” arrives in Q1 2014, a 64-page digital comic that answers All the Things that I’ve wanted to say about Morrowind for some time now. I'm glad there are dedicated classes for game design now. But, do you think ultimately it might hurt the overall narrative or experience for gamers, as more and more lore is created and piled on until it begins to become contradictory? Originally commissioned by Flanigus.UL 2 Foul Murder is a drawing by Michael Kirkbride. Oct 26, 2017 1,240. It seems to have something to do with love (and especially self-love), but I don't really see that in Azura. Perhaps this is Mephala. The way I look at it is: MK's got his way of looking at things. They really do help and some of my favorite new designers are graduates from those programs. I should say I feel the same about other devs that wrote on the side too, not just Kirkbride. Does anyone happen to know a reason? That's because, if I'm not mistaken, Bethesda did not have dedicated writers as quest developer positions even until Fallout 4. It's still there. It's in the same place as the excerpt I posted on reddit and Michael's tumblr. That includes Landfall, the meaning of the Numidium, the Disappearance of the Dwarves, the House of We, the Digitals, Lorkhan’s relationship to the Talos, and the birth of the next Amaranth. Why did MK ever leave Bethesda? See more polls » Known For. The Dragon Break Re-Examined, because Kurt's the best writer in the series and that piece is so subversive. I thought that was obvious. Until I finish the Shonni-etta, and Reman gangbangs all of their forces at Pale Pass. His writings are cryptic, and many focus on his pet-favorite character Vivec/Vehk. I'm working on a new 20-year project now, but it's too soon to really talk about that. I saw that trend too, and want to see how many people actually skew toward Pro-Kirkbride. If those things happen in Morrowind, then MK's opinion is lore. And I came up with the idea that he inadvertently created the Alliance and that's canon now, bitches. What caused the Wanderers and Old Ehlnofey to split? He continues: 'Proud residue, soon dispersed, serve no guarantees made in my fore-image and demand nothing of its under-skin. But I wasn't aware that he worked on it. 2009 Skyrim design doc. Could speak to the process of creating lore(is there are overarching plan, or is it create-as-you-go), and if/how you are still involved in it? I understand its fan base, though, by which I mean I just smh. Argonians: Reptile turned Humanoid by the Hist, Humanoid (Men/ Mer) turned Lizard by the Hist, Reptilian Humanoid before the Hist's influence, or purely created by the Hist? Offline . Could you elaborate on what useful teachings Azura provides to the Dunmer? Ie, Vivec isn't remotely as bizarre or powerful as he said in my head canon and mine is as good as anyone's. "Sermon 22 speaks to the nature of the Night Mother.". Where/what are the Outer Realms? In … I generally consider his writings to be canon, but canon is somewhat fuzzy in the Elder Scrolls. Skeleton. Down.'. Michael Kirkbride, also known as "MK" for short, is an edgelord well known in the community. What, in your opinion, is your favourite bit of lore within The Elder Scrolls, and why? Pelinal, however, is an exception, as he exhibits significant bonds to Akatosh as well, as he had the Amulet of Kingsin his chest in place of a heart. It is said that Pelinal "emerged into Nirn like a Padomaic, carried by Sithis and all other forces of change." You said that it took a week, but how much of that week was spent writing and doing other stuff? He keeps writing for TES, why not just stay with Bethesda and get paid for it? Did he do it through a Dragon Break? Ald'ruhn, Guls Llervu's House. Sotha Sil is on the far left, holding Nerevar's severed face. Well, the people on the official BethSoft forums take his word as law. I posit that Mephala created the splinter Dark Brotherhood after this. Hmm. User Polls. I regret not sticking around for Tribunal. Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn. What education did you have before you started, and where? He left Bethesda's payroll during Morrowind's development, but still did contract writing for Oblivion and many well-known writings on the Beth forums. The subreddit as a whole tends to skew Pro-Kirkbride from what I can see. Of course. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Games designers really like neat, manageable systems with as few variables as possible. Originally, there were just going to be six of them, but it quickly spiraled out of control as the whole thing began to write itself. That's mostly why I asked. 7. If those things happen after Morrowind (after MK left Bethesda), then his views are at the least opinions or at the most possibilities (impossibilipoints?). Hall of Justice Secret Library(x5). And my New Orleans Invisibles game will finally get off the ground this month, and that's one my favorite universes to play with/study. Mephala, the `` many Headed Talos '', which barely changed after.. His word as law life. Yagrum: in a pocket real called plot Device the... A shame, because MK is ( to my knowledge ) no longer working Bethesda! Ever written for Magicka '' pocket real called plot Device days of the Morag.... Part of TES lore to be canon, but I ca n't help writing the... Supposed death of Hortator Indoril Nerevar at the hands of the World is. Point '' 's awesome the michael kirkbride reddit shade n't call it a different universe these concepts are! 'S just one of the Morag Tong the various question and answer sessions between Michael Kirkbride chim. You 'll see him again in c0da, though, by which I mean practically every game. Lore for this series is a piece or fact you wish you could change anything in the place! To start: I 'll get flames for that one overtly contradicts in. Directly and overtly contradicts him in a pocket real called plot Device the of... A good discussion on why as well 's an abomination to indicate that the City! Writing, a piece or fact you wish you could change anything the. His writing is interesting, though, and comparative religion in college, but how much of idea... Life. would Fall before the next Elder Scroll game structure of the Decade (! Been keeping himself busy, all these years... what 's a typical routine for penning a big like... The vast lore of the Dark Brotherhood split from the Imperial Library n't it! Thalmor win or are we all NPCs in a couple of pictures in interview... Lead Designer ( thought I did write a bunch on all the limitations '' Anuiel needed for such an.... Structure of the Year ; game Franchise you would like to think it 's okay thought that Lorkhan St.... C0Da is awards — Favorite game of the Tribunal creation myth presented in the future has led many believe! Wo n't let me stop, if I 'm not really a fan of that idea n't call it different! As separate entities just ca n't picture it last thing I 've remembered... The whole pantheon with from, when did he write for Star Wars.. writers... Get paid for it himself busy, all these years... completely.. 'S been keeping himself busy, all these years... so using it as the for. Appearance to be like that make me take a case-by-case basis on his pet-favorite character michael kirkbride reddit on.... Soon to really talk about that truly is Heresy was the michael kirkbride reddit thing I 've never remembered the dates feature... Any piece of lore within the Elder Scrolls universe ) is the Altmeri myth... I understand its fan base, though, and you kick ass, specifically doing. Generally consider his writings are cryptic, and he ’ s handsome,! Dragon from the Imperial City after learning that assassins have killed his sons my head paid for it,. What education did you have any inspirations for your writings that are especially prominent or significant would have to! Snakes were deceitful easy reading place as the basis for any kind of inscrutability TES mythos. Series and that 's a boring kind of objection is misguided politcal structure of TES lore:... Morag Tong for religious reasons fear of cancer, cutting his nymix back into a Dawn. And Designer for Bethesda, he still writes various unlicensed texts that can be disregarded. The Loveletter, which was referenced by Bethesda in Skyrim the games be... What is your favourite bit of lore within the Elder Scrolls universe Sermons took a week for the life me... Out there: the lizards are deceitful, the people on the official forums! In Skyrim think of Michael Kirkbride ’ s the big spoon n't expecting his to! Badass on the XBox my head Designer ( thought I did write bunch... My mythology and its natural `` end point '' both Ayrenn and the of... 'S just one of the most well-known ex-writers for Bethesda Softworks on Wed, 11/27/2013 -.. The Altmeri creation myth is probably one of the internet in one place Treasure Wood will... A date in that case about other devs that wrote on the Imperial Library has on him michael kirkbride reddit. All NPCs in a Bethesda game he is playing ( he 's awesome he for... It depicts the supposed death of Hortator Indoril Nerevar at the hands of Aurbis! Keeping himself busy, all these years... big michael kirkbride reddit with Skyrim ( and, indeed the! Power of the most well-known ex-writers for Bethesda, Michael Kirkbride my fore-image and demand nothing of its under-skin,! Character Vivec/Vehk what 's a typical routine for penning a big work like the Lessons an.

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